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Text on a light grey background stating: Sui generis, of its own kind. Ne plus ultra, no more beyond. Bona fide, in good faith. Sine qua non, without which, not. Felix culpa, happy fault.

Introductions first

A WARM WELCOME TO SCRIPTUM BENE (written well in Latin)

We do this together.

My specialisation in English rhetoric coaches you in a positive way to write better.

I offer copy editing services (line by line and/or overall logic and flow), sharing insights to consider.

I also can arrange special teaching classes to focus on elevating your vocabulary and sentence structures, including logical flow and character development.

The breakfast dining area in the Portland Marriott, in Oregon, dining tables with chairs and a wall with a coffee machine and cereals for guests to eat

A Dichotomy of Sorts

It represents a strange phenomenon in my head.

As a child I loved to go on vacations because it meant new scenery, perhaps a swimming pool, feeling like a mermaid under water, or experience new foods I had not tasted, like my first kiwi when I was nine years old.

The written text states: "This is about the air that we breathe and the water that we drink. No matter your race, color or creed, this challenge is about you." By Crystal Lameman of the Beaver Lake Cree Nation in Alberta, Canada

My start with the Beaver Lake Cree Nation landmark case

This is my favorite kind of work, and the reason for it all.

It started with Marco Witschge, who had heard about the Beaver Lake Cree First Nation case through Kristin Casper, an attorney at Greenpeace.

At The Crowd Versus, we want to change the ways of irresponsible corporations and governments. We do this through supporting litigation and policy changes – everywhere, financially and in raising awareness. We accomplish this by activating people to join in litigation that encompasses the principles of real change for a better society and world.

From the dog breed Irish terrier, Gnof as a puppy, sitting in a red plastic box lined with newspaper on his way to our home, and looking up at the camera

We miss you Gnof

There two parents stand, hand in hand.

They’ve made the call to the vet, and they’re keeping the fringes of their hearts together.

Majestic trees covered in moss with a blue sky reaching for the skies

And then the pandemic happened

Time does stand still in a forest.

A girlfriend and I promised each other to take the 52 weekend challenge: hiking one day a week.

We started September 2020, when we decided to become members of each other’s pods.

At the time of the pandemic’s constantly developing scientific insights, people were beginning to form and create pods.

Majestic trees covered in moss with a blue sky reaching for the skies

Why do we try?

The reasons to be an idealist.

For years, I was told that I was an idealist, and that I should stop.

The vision I had of the world to be would never be; simply because it was too perfect or beautiful or (worse for those in charge) fair for all.

A Recommendation


“Jone manages to shorten texts to their most effective levels yet maintains the integrity of the content.”
The Hon. Michael C. Bozeman

Write your best


First drafts exist for a reason.

Another person’s perspective can add a fresh look onto something not discovered or considered before.

Take a moment and let’s connect to see if I can add meaning to your content.