Introductions first

Text on a light grey background stating: Sui generis, of its own kind. Ne plus ultra, no more beyond. Bona fide, in good faith. Sine qua non, without which, not. Felix culpa, happy fault.

Hello, and a warm Welcome to Scriptum Bene.

We do this together.

My specialisation in English rhetoric coaches you in a positive, constructive way to write better.

I also can arrange special teaching classes to focus on elevating your vocabulary and sentence structures, including logical flow and character development.

I offer copy editing services (line by line and/or overall logic and flow), sharing insights to consider.

My brain searches for logic and consistency in your manuscript.

I can deliver you challenging concepts through lateral associations from my extensive background in general knowledge, from wine to history to people.

But — and most importantly, I help you delete.

Your own, personal mentor: focused solely on your writing.

Plus homework to boot.

To find the essence of your message.