NouNou figures

From the Facebook page of Scriptum Bene

The mostly white cat, with blotted grey spots of varying intensity on her body and tail, was sleeping on the couch in her towel, the one with a slight degree of loved-in shabbiness, when she fell off the pillow and still managed to land on her feet on the cement floor. She looked around her, a bit dazed, and then decided to stretch her body, lengthening her front paws in the process, and extended her nails.

The curvature of each nail was slightly different. This enabled the white and grey cat to strike from various angles. She could also retract and extend her nails at will, which made her a difficult opponent. You had to constantly anticipate her swipes by the twitching flicks of her ears.

Having arched and stretched her back, she decided to go outside. Looking around to determine where her helper might be, she sniffed a delicious smell in the air. Ahhh, it must be getting close to dinner time. She walked into the kitchen and rubbed the legs of her helper, meowing ever so softly, to get more attention, more quickly.

The delicious smells continued to swelter in the air and surround NouNou, but her helper did not give her any bowl of food. After twisting and turning around the legs of her helper, patiently waiting, and becoming a bit miffed, she decided to head outside and sauntered over to the back door, where she always exited and entered her home at will, for as long as she could remember.

Out of habit and without thinking, she pushed her head against the back door flap. Bump – ouch. That was strange, that had never happened before. 

She looked around and back at her helper, who had immediately walked to her and stretched her hands out to pick her up. 

“Oh goodness, you can’t get out. I know, I know. But today is a big day for you, we have to go on a visit.” 

Our small cat couldn’t understand a word her helper was saying, but she did like being picked up and cuddled, while her helper spoke kindly, softly scratching the top of her head.

She wondered what was up. For the first time, she had bumped her head and not been able to go outside. Not that that was a problem – there was a toilet for her here inside – but it felt strange, not being allowed to go where and when she wanted. Squirrel, where’s the squirrel? Ah, of course, she remembered the food smell. Twisting her body around to get loose from the wonderful fingers, she looked all around her for the location of delicious smells.

Aha, it was the stove. She could see wispy, white gasses, steaming with flavorful smells, escape from her helper’s favorite big pot. Sniffing carefully, she determined there was fish, her favorite inside the pot. 

“No, NouNou, don’t think I am not see you buttering me up for some paella. This is our dinner.” Her helper put her down on the floor, and the cat knew better than to jump up on the counter while her owner was around. She’d had enough experiences with the water squirt bottle, imprinting her memory banks properly and securely that the counter was off limits. 

So, what to do next in that case? No food, apparently, and no outside. This was a dilemma.

But before she could sway off to find another nice sleeping spot, not the couch, her owner picked her up again. She cuddled closer to her assistant. She mused, ‘what would she do without this wonderful helper?’ This was one of NouNou’s most favorite spots in the world. Soft but determined noises came from her giant helper. NouNou didn’t really register its meaning, couldn’t understand her anyway, but she felt happy because her helper’s tone was soft, caring.

The noises that NouNou could not understand, were actually information passed on by her owner, “OK, let me go ahead and prepare you for the worst. This is a vet’s visit, and I like the location of the offices, so we are going to check them out and you need your vaccinations. In the kitty carrier with you.” 

NouNou only purred in reply. In NouNou’s mind, she didn’t question her dependency on this person. Her helper was a safe part of how her life played out. Her memory only extended to good happenings and remembrances with her owner.

And even though NouNou didn’t have a clue what her helper was speaking about, she had been in the carrier before. To her, it was no big deal. She had even slept in there often because it reminded her of — what? — when she was little and safe. NouNou nestled on the towel and dozed off, snoozing comfortably, patiently waiting for her next meal. 

That was how life had always happened before. 

Her helper continued cooking dinner in the kitchen.

If you took a closer look at NouNou’s owner, you saw that this person was a kind soul, with eyes that sparkled the promise of fun. The young woman also had that ‘je ne sais quoi’, the air accompanying someone who loved her freedom and chances to go out and play-yet-work-hard when needed. Her muscular build confirmed the latter suspicion. Fear was a strange emotion to her because her eyes would signal an immediate defiance, probably misplaced in some instances in her life. This defiance had carried her to self-reliance and a good amount of self-worth.

Her helper sat at the table to eat and glanced at her small cat, snoozing away in the carrier. A smile spread across her face.

Next thing NouNou knew, she was being carried through the air, swaying back and forth in the rhythm of her helper’s walk. 

‘OK, this is new,’ she thought. ‘And.I.Am.Not.Comfortable! My tummy is getting sick! Why am I swinging around and is my sleeping place not steady?’ NouNou started to grumble to herself. She moved around and around and extended all her claws to hold on more tightly to her blanket, to keep herself upright. Her surroundings were going back and forth, side to side.

Her helper was talking to her again, but she ignored her. Right then her basket was put down, and NouNou breathed a sigh of relief. ’Let’s see what happens next,’ she thought.

The next noise she was not prepared for, however. ‘Wow! What was that?’ And before she could stop herself, she had hissed, plainly and loudly. She hadn’t meant to, but the noise was like nothing she had known. It sounded low, with a repetitive pattern.

Of course, we know NouNou was in a car, being taken somewhere for her benefit.

Her helper made more cooing noises.

[to be continued]

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