Mega Yoga Morning Muse Workout

10 Minutes of Yoga to Jumpstart Your Work Day

Having started yoga only a year ago, I have been searching for a nice sequence of poses to loosen my body in the morning. The need to start my day in this self-empowering, positive way has grown since I became addicted to yoga. The way my body feels when I am done with the poses, combined with the inner quiet that accompanies it automatically every time I perform, has me hooked.

Julia Dellitt shares a succinct explanation of each pose. The pictures speak for themselves (and boy, I wish I was at that level of stretching).

So I’ve got the morning part down. Feed the dog and myself, walk the dog, come home and grab my mat. Guess what? I don’t even get out of my blue jeans! Bad, right? But you know what … if I have to wear the attire, which doesn’t work for walking my best friend, then I have to spend time again changing clothes, and I am an efficiency type of woman.

If it doesn’t have to happen, it won’t.

Fortunately I have discovered a ton of jeans that stretch nicely around my bod, so I get onto my mat with bare feet and my day clothes. Problem solved!

Spend about 10 to 15 minutes, doing whatever I feel I need that day, and focus on my breathing. My challenge lies there.

Meantime, I am so glad I found this essential line-up of poses. I can take it anywhere. It’s an ABC of wonderful sequences that you can chop into bits, change up, yet use infinitely.

Thank you, Julia!


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