Why do we love snow and cold weather?


Who wants to have a snowball fight? I do, I want to have fun with you!

The activity of making a snowball, throwing when you’re out of practice, hoping it reaches at least somewhere near your target, finding a place to hide while you gather snow for the next throw — all of these excite me. I find so much enjoyment in the laughter of people, and my own head hears my laughter, to the point that it shakes my body all over. I like being hit and feeling the snow explode on your jacket or hat or jeans. I like watching the effects of snowballs splashing on others.

Snow fills the space with the quietness that’s only derived from its volume.

The beauty of the white blanket on the usually colorful nature entices my eyes to look all over the entire scene, drink it all in and imprint the image on my brain. I want to be able to recall each detail. I want my arms to work better. I decide to start working out more consistently.

How I wish I could see the intricate design of each fallen snowflake.

And I love the glow afterwards, the reward of being active while all around the temperature is below freezing, and the warmth that results from having fun.

Remember. Repeat. Tomorrow?

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